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CorelDRAW 12 step by step (4) - filled with brush and colors

lesson 4 brush filled with color

First, brush tool

Art document tools

"Art document tool" is a kind of CorelDRAW provides fixed or variable width and shape of the special brush tools. Use it to create special artistic effects of line or pattern.

In the "art document tool" attribute column, provides five different functions of the pen-shaped buttons and options settings. Select a pencil and set the width option number in the drawing page, click and drag the mouse to draw a colorful pattern effect.

Default button: This option is used to pre-art media pen shape. In the slider bar to set the brush strokes of smoothness; in the options bar set the width of the brush strokes; in the drop-down list box select CorelDRAW12 provide you with dozens of pen shape.

(1) brush art tools

Art of document tools (pen) property column

(2) spray can art of document

Art of document tools (Spray Art pen) property column

(Spray cans) button: Press this button, you can draw over the place in a fountain spray pattern chosen. In the drop-down list box to select the desired pattern Airbrush; in the column to set the size of a fountain pattern; the column selection bar, choose printing mode for the "random", "order" or "by direction"; press the button can be satisfactory design has been selected to Airbrush pattern list, and can press the button, the dialog box that pops up a list of editing Airbrush pattern; the column can be adjusted by printing the number and spacing of objects in the painting; press the button, you can In the pop-up dialog box set the printing object rotation; button in the dialog box, set the object to be offset printing and offset direction; press the button to reset values.

Using preset pencil, brush, and the effect of rendering Airbrush

(3) document the art of calligraphy

Art document tool (the art of calligraphy pen) property column

Using the art of calligraphy and paint the art of writing

(4) Pressure artistic document

Art of document tools (pressure pen) property column

In this case, the "pressure" is the use of the word "pressure pen) plotted, the graph of fireworks and the use of spray cans into the draw.


Second, color fill

Color fill for the performance of the work is very important, in CorelDRAW12, there are solid color fills, gradient fills, pattern fills, texture fills, PostScript fills.

1. Uniform filling

Uniform filling is the most common form of a filling. There are prefabricated in CorelDRAW12 palette, you can "window" under the "palette" to fill, methods of operation:

Method 1: select the object, the color palette selected by left.

Method 2: Drag the color palette on the object, the time when the cursor becomes loose.

Custom standard fill

Although CorelDRAW12 Many of the default palette, but relative to the number of colors used on the millions, in many cases, the standard must customize the fill color to ensure color accuracy, methods of operation:

Select the object to fill in the toolbox, select the "Fill tool" in the "Fill Color dialog box" (Shift + F11), in the open "standard Fill in the dialog" Select the color pattern and color.

2. Gradient fill

CorelDRAW12 the "gradient fill" to include in the "linear," "Ray," "cone", "square corner" in the four gradient, you can use the various options are flexible colorful gradient fill.

Selected to fill the object, the toolbar's "color fill" tool in select "gradient fill" (shortcut key F11), pop-up "gradient fill mode" dialog.

In the "color mix" option, the "color", "custom" 2, where "color fill" is the default gradient color CorelDRAW12 way.


(1) two-color gradient

See the four-color gradient in the gradient fill options:

Linear fill fill-ray cone filled square corner fill

In the "Options" column, "angle" is used to set the angle of gradient fills, which range between -360 掳 -360 掳.

Angle of 90 掳, the filling effect of 45 掳 when the angle of the fill effects

"Step" value used to set the gradient of the class number, the default is set to 256, the greater the value, the more gradual level, the performance of the gradient the more delicate.

Step 256 the fill effect

Step 5 Fill Effects

"Boundary" is used to set the width of the edge of their range in between 0-49, the greater the value, the edges between adjacent colors more narrow, the more obvious changes in its color.

The effect of boundary fill 0

The effect of boundary fill of 50

"Center displacement" can be adjusted ray cone, fill the center position of the gradient method.


(2) Custom fill

Select a good "custom fill" option, the user can double-click the left button to increase the gradient axis color control points, then the right to set the color palette. Double-click the triangle on the left mouse button, you can remove the color point.

Gradient Fill dialog box can also be below the "default" drop-down list, in CorelDRAW 12 pre-designed color gradient fill style in a choice, or add and remove color gradient.

3. Pattern fill

Select the object to be filled, the fill tool in the toolbox, select "Pattern Fill button", CorelDRAW 12 users in here for three pattern fill mode: two-color, full color and bitmap mode, there are a variety of different patterns and styles to choose from.

4. Texture Fill

Select the object to be filled, the fill tool in the toolbox, select "Texture Fill button" will open the "Texture Fill" dialog box, where CorelDRAW 12 provides the user with more than 300 kinds of texture patterns and materials, there is a bubble, spot , watercolor, etc. After the user select a variety of textures, but also in the "texturing" for detailed settings dialog box.

5. PostScript fill

PostScript PostScript language filled out by a shading, click the Fill tool in the toolbox of "PostScript fill button" in the open dialog box to select the PostScript style and setting.



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A reliable partner in a common cause

In the management software market, channel providers and vendors like vines and trees, both are dependent on large trees, large vines; trees small, small rattan; trees down, nothing under vine. Therefore, the vines have to choose the right tree to bound, the channel operators to be cautious when choosing a vendor, software vendors need to understand not only the performance of target customers, etc., but also understand their channel policies, operational direction and support to the partners intensity, only picked the right vendor can put their own sales and service to its head. At this point, Zhongshan Hand Information Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Xiao Zhichun deep feelings.

Zhongshan City Information Technology Co., Ltd. formerly known as Hand eye Technology Co., Ltd., Zhongshan City, founded in May 2003. Was first established in order to speed up and the UF-based software product sales, but the constant Yahuo and speed up the follow-up services, greater efforts UF double pressure, eye at the time the company faced considerable difficulties, a warehouse inventory software piles, how do? General Manager Xiao Zhichun eye, said: "At that time, we have every day to focus on how quickly bought out the software, not how to do their own market, and how good their business customers, the brain is only one idea: selling software! After more than six months of agonizing, we found this business idea is not feasible! "

"At a party, I met a old friends, he asked me how the business now? I tell a bunch of difficulty talking about the days of old friends thought the software was old friends said: 'to find a good products, good channel policy software vendors Cai Xing ', this sentence gave me great inspiration, and this just start near the company is very important. The next day, I think channel manager directly to find a day to communicate, find day thinking of product features flexible and practical, supporting the product, the more attention-day thinking of integrating ERP and PDM, but Tiansi perfect production management capabilities to the software we had no choice other reasons, Wan Quan can Yingdui different customers all production management Xuqiu, and we can also follow customer requirements for flexible preparation. then I saw that the company's prospects! after two months of mutual understanding, I think sentiment most was the day the service mode: 'front-line services, front-line support', which is much better than other companies . Therefore, the eye technology companies in May 2004 the company was renamed Zhongshan Hand formal cooperation with the days of thinking, began to embark on days of thinking ERP software consulting services, Express. "

"In the beginning days of thinking software agents, we always can not find the feeling, but fortunately days thinking channel manager at work has increased our operational capacity in the first place, almost every week for two on-site guidance and often the first line with our in-depth visit customers, channel manager by day thinking more than six months of training, the quality of our overall sales and marketing capabilities by leaps and bounds. Now, our employees from business to technology, training every day, products , the combination of two interactive sales training, this approach is nurtured by the days of thinking a habit. In fact, the day the class is very important, because if not timely sum up, the company can never be promoted. "

"Heaven thinking software is more popular, because it is flexible, functional and can meet the full needs of customers, without the so-called secondary development, so far, all of our project is based on the function day thinking successfully applied on the basis of the implementation. in the sales process, we often compete with UF, but customers are mostly in Zhongshan from production management to the needs of cost control, day thinking focused on the manufacturing industry production management made hui unique advantages, application of deep and simple functionality, software demonstrations will allow customers to pre-clear understanding of its strengths! When faced with larger projects, the days of thinking and our consultant's forging ahead without turning back, days thinking of the first-line support front-line services so that we further believe that its products and services, success of the project and many of our customers the successful application of all missed days of thinking of our support consultants. In some large projects, but also need to pay attention to the team, thinking in our day difficulties when sales will help us to break the project. "

"Currently, our products have accumulated lighting application technology, hardware, home appliances, industry experience, in the Zhongshan area based on a certain user. We are now in the process from sales to service, have succeeded in drawing the day thinking of the terminal market operational experience, the establishment of a stable in Zhongshan service reputation, and towns in Zhongshan District: 3 Township, board Fu, Triangle, South Head, Shiqi, Zhongshan, Hong Kong, Shaxi, etc. have established their own service centers or partner , in the pursuit of service, while also pursuing word of mouth and efficient service delivery model, the company has been on the steady development of these! "

In 2008, the Hand will continue to strive for excellence, with high-quality professional services to help business owners can easily manage their own business, to bring the management of the new business results! In 2008, the Hand will continue with the day thinking the ride! Xiao Zhichun convinced that: "a mature product, a reliable partner, a common cause, we can succeed," This is the long-term development of Chinese and German companies guarantee!

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Selected examples of Flash mouse effects (5)

Section V: punt

"Punt," name suggests means that there is a suspension effect of the ball, in this case to achieve a suspended ball is under the control of the mouse movement and change in size, mainly in the production process is controlled using the ActionScript scripting, such as control the mouse drag the startDrag () function, get and set object-related properties getProperty () and setProperty () function. The net effect of film as shown in Figure 5.1, to achieve this effect, the specific steps are as follows:

Figure 5.1 punt

1. Build a new movie, through the property panel set its size 400pxX200px (in units of pixels) as the background color # FFFFFF, as used in the production process the background image, so choose what kind of background color is not very important.

2. Build a new video clip "ball movie", the movie clip function is drawn with a shadow of a small ball, first of all for ease of understanding, the default layer renamed "ball", shortcut keys "o", select the Ellipse tool Hold down the "Shift" to draw in the work area of a circle, and remove the profile lines, open the "Color mixer" panel for setting shown in Figure 5.2:

Figure 5.2 Set fill color

No profile is selected by drawing a circle, shortcut keys "K", select the paint bucket tool, the use of set above the fill color, and adjust its light into the shooting at the upper right corner to the lower right corner from the injection, so that when the production of shadow have real feelings, as shown in Figure 5.3:

Figure 5.3 Fill the use of color


3. Insert a new layer "shade", use the ellipse tool to draw a small oval ball in the lower right corner to delete the corresponding contour lines, and set its fill color, the effect shown in Figure 5.4:

Figure 5.4 Drawing the shadow of the ball

4. Back to the main scene, the Press shortcut keys "Ctrl + R" to open the Import dialog box, to import a picture card, shortcut keys "Q" select the deformation tool to import any image adjustment to fit the size, that is, the size of overlap with the film on it, as shown in Figure 5.5:

Figure 5.5 Import Images

5. Select the first four, click the right mouse button select "Insert Frame" menu command, in the first four insert one, then build a new layer "line", the layer is the number of black lines drawn, when the ball move above the ground in some of the above three-dimensional feeling, select the first one to insert a key frame, shortcut keys "N", select the line tool, and set the line thickness to "1", color is black, in the work area Draw a line as shown in Figure 5.6, and inserted in the first four frames.

Figure 5.6 Drawing lines

6. Build a new layer "ball", select the first one to insert a key frame, the movie clip "ball movie" from the Library panel, drag and drop to the work area, create an instance, take an instance named "ball_mov" ( In the Properties panel can be set), inserted in the first four frames, the effect shown in Figure 5.7:

Figure 5.7 in the main scene to create "ball movie" examples

7. The next job is to add the ActionScript to do a movie script, and build a new layer "ACTIONS", in the first frame, insert a key frame and the frame to add the following script:

startDrag ("/ ball_mov", true, 30, 30, 355, 129);

file / / that to allow haulage instance "ball_mov", (30,30) and (355,129) for the diagonal of the coordinate values, that the scope of the mouse drag.

startDrag usage is as follows:

startDrag (target, [lock, left, top, right, bottom])

target to drag the movie clip target path.

lock a Boolean value that specifies a draggable movie clip is locked to the mouse in a central location (true), or locked to the user first click on the movie clip position (false). This parameter is optional.

left, top, right, bottom relative to the parent movie clip coordinate value, these coordinates specify the constraints of the movie clip rectangle. These parameters are optional.

In section 2, insert a key frame and the frame to add the following code:

scale = getProperty ("/ ball_mov", _y) / 2;
file / / get instance of "ball_mov" of the vertical coordinate values, and divided by 2
setProperty ("/ ball_mov", _xscale, scale);
file / / will assign the instance of the above scale of the properties of ball_mov. _xscale, said horizontal zoom
setProperty ("/ ball_mov", _yscale, scale);
file / / Ibid, said that the instance "ball_mov" vertical magnification.
In the first three insert a key frame, to add the following code:
gotoAndPlay (_currentframe-1);
file / / return the first two for loop

4 posts inserted in a key frame, to add the following code:

stop ();

8. This whole air-ball effect on the county finished, save the work, according to "ctrl Enter" preview of the final results.

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The new second generation of new ID card readers

Second generation of ID card readers DKQ-116D

Price 楼: 1350

Police: ID card to apply for ID card identification, household registration migration, population management.

Home: education, work, join the army, marriage registration.

Civil Aviation: ticket purchase, boarding, etc..

Bank: Bank, credit card transactions, such as large withdrawals.

Hotels: accommodation and registration.

Post Office: to collect remittances.

Securities: stocks, futures and so on.

Telecommunications: Telephone (mobile) account, various communication services and so on.



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How to identify real and can automatically create index index

Q: I found a lot of sysindexes index table entries are not created my own. I heard they are not true index, but the SQL Server query optimizer automatically creates statistics. How can I identify which is the real index, which is automatically created in SQL Server available?

A: By default, if the table is not a column index, SQL Server automatically creates statistics for columns. Then, the query optimizer to assess the distribution of column data in the range of statistical information to select a more efficient query processing program. Automatically created statistics tell a very simple, in SQL Server 7.0 and SQL Server 2000, the auto-created statistics prefix _WA_Sys.

You also can use the INDEXPROPERTY () function IsAutoStatistics property to distinguish between real or an index is automatically created in the statistics, so that SQL Server optimizer choose need to create statistics. You can also enable you to manage the database, "automatically create tables" option.

Many people ignore the following conclusions. Statistics created automatically mean the existence of the index may be a real benefit. Please consider the following code in the output:

USE tempdb GO IF OBJECTPROPERTY (OBJECT_ID ('dbo.orders'), 'IsUserTable') = 1 DROP TABLE dbo.orders GO SELECT 1 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 2 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 3 30 31 32 4 5 6 7 8 9 INTO tempdb .. orders FROM northwind .. orders GO SELECT 1 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 2 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 3 30 31 32 4 5 6 7 8 9 FROM tempdb .. orders WHERE orderid = 10248 GO SELECT 1 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 2 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 3 30 31 32 4 5 6 7 8 9 FROM tempdb. . sysindexes WHERE id = object_id ('orders') AND name LIKE '_wa_sys%' GO

Copy the code in the tempdb in the Northwind Orders table, select the row, and then check the SQL Server is added to a statistical. Obviously, the table does not OrderId column index, so SQL Server automatically creates a named _WA_Sys_OrderID_58D1301D statistics. OrderId out the existence of statistical tables that Northwind Orders table would benefit from additional indexes.

The following query shows the database table automatically created for each user the number of statistics, the database is automatically created at least one of the statistics.

SELECT object_name (id) TableName, count (*) NumberOfAutoStats FROM sysindexes WHERE OBJECTPROPERTY (id, N'IsUserTable ') = 1 AND INDEXPROPERTY (id, name,' IsAutoStatistics') = 1 GROUP BY object_name (id) ORDER BY count (* ) DESC

Not all of the statistics can be replaced by the real index. In some cases, SQL Server will automatically create a table more than 50 statistics. Clearly, these tables index strategy is bad. Automatically created on the table and the statistics associated with the rapid count can help you determine which table to index.

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Customize your life password

Electronic medical records is not our ultimate goal, the formation of a continuous time, content integrity, the public health records available to share our life and health is the master key password.

One life, from birth to death, all the conditions on his body are in electronic form will be recorded in the Computer Information System: 1 length at age, body weight; 5 years of age suffer from several cold; 13 years of age ride falls the leg, stitches; 25 years of age fixed once appendicitis; 50 years of age with high blood pressure a little bit ... .... No matter which hospital he was in no need to repeat asked, doctors can see through the network all his health information to carry out rapid diagnosis, detection and treatment.

This is the future of the hospital to give our services, now being referred to as public health information systems, electronic medical records is the next target. Years later, the medical information technology will be tailored to each of us life and health of the password.

The future of electronic medical records

Today, the people of the electronic medical records generally understood yes, the patient electronic medical records generated during the treatment process of all medical Jilu electronic, and digital technology these records, Jiegou of Chulicunchu, and then store the data for Xiang Ying Tigong on the query, search, statistics, research services. Written medical records electronic medical record is set, medical quality control, sharing, services in an integrated clinical information system. However, this is only a narrow electronic medical records.

In fact, the generalized electronic medical record is the continuation of people throughout the life of all records generated in the process of information, including not only medical records, but also include other vital signs information, eventually forming a continuous, comprehensive personal health record can also be call public health information, it covers the life from the birth until the end of the life of all relevant health information, is a continuous time in space on the full coverage of all involved in the life and health-related information, so the electronic medical record system development trends will be of public health information systems

Currently, electronic medical records systems have been implemented in some medical institutions, and achieved good results, not only improve the quality of writing records, but also improve health care institutions the degree of clinical information, but these electronic medical records systems are basically the medical institutions units, medical history, the basic limit information sharing within the medical information in medical institutions, and only records the treatment of patients in the medical unit of information, records of content restrictions on out-patient medical records, medical records, etc., between different medical institutions can not be sharing, which also limits the application of medical records. Therefore, the same person spread of electronic medical records stored in different medical institutions, can not form a complete record of the life and health.

Therefore, it is foreseeable that the future of electronic medical records will be the development of the following two aspects:

* Content of a more complete electronic medical records include not only the patient's outpatient medical institutions, hospital information, but also including birth information, immunization records, medical information, health care and other information as well as spouses, children, parents, health related information, in addition to maternal and child specific health information. Through the collection of information, the contents of electronic medical records will be more complete, and can be extended in time and space covering the entire life.

* More extensive exchange of information based on current national health plan, medical institutions will develop in two directions, one large integrated health care institutions, and second, the medical community. This event may lead to a treatment different medical institutions, and different medical institutions to form their own characteristics, different diseases will choose a different medical institutions. All information exchange electronic medical records will put a higher demand.

Electronic medical records include a variety of health information, not only information but also clinics and other related information, the information from different systems and different architectures and even different agencies. Put this information together to form a complete health records must provide an "electronic medical record data warehouse" system, the system collects from various structures of health information, and provide external information sharing services, the system must have the corresponding interfaces, and different systems can exchange information and exchange format to General. Across multiple operating systems, programming languages and hardware platforms and integrated software applications which can not be a specialized environment to solve, for now, Web services technology and XML technology to better meet the information exchange of electronic medical records needs.

Key Technologies

Completion of this electronic medical record system is critical that the Web services technology. Web services allow applications to be platform and programming language-independent way to communicate with each other a technical. Web service is a software interface that describes a group on the network through standardized XML messaging access operation. It uses protocols based on XML language to describe the action to perform or to exchange with another Web service data.

Web service uses the XML can be truly platform-independent way to describe any (all) data in order to exchange data across systems, so turned to loosely coupled applications. Moreover, Web services can be more abstract level, a more abstract level can be dynamically re-evaluate as needed, modify or handle data types. So, speaking from a technical level, Web services can more easily process the data, and allows software to communicate more freely.

The concept of a higher level of speaking, Web services as we can some work units, each dealing with specific functions and duties. Web services attempt to resolve the main problem is the data and the application program was incorporated in the problem, is a technical function conversion into the calculation of Ren Wu Oriented problem. So Web services for different medical institutions providing technical support information exchange.

Ecological composition

Public health system is a system of information collection, exchange and services to the system, wants to different sources of information systems and information systems integration of consumer interaction, these systems directly affect the application of degrees of efficacy in application level of the whole system, include:

Only identifies public health community to continuously record the information, every citizen must provide a unique identity logo. For now, the public can be used for Medicare medical insurance card, health insurance for non-members of the public can adopt a unified social security card issued, in addition to vital signs of identification can be used, such as fingerprints.

Hospital information system (HIS) HIS system is the first medical institutions throughout the information technology foundation, HIS system provides the basic information of all medical events, including events (outpatient, inpatient) occurred at a time, clinical departments, clinics and doctors, in addition to including medical consultation during the processing of prescriptions, medical advice, diagnosis and other information, such information is summarized from the overall state of describing an event.

Electronic medical records system (EMR) electronic medical records system to produce the most important medical information, it records in detail through the entire treatment process, including patient records, hospital records, hospital records, surgical records and death records, the information content of health major components, which not only describes an incident handling process, but also statistics and an important source of external data services.

Laboratory system (LIS) inspection system disease information on the patient's body to analyze the quantitative data, which doctors diagnose and treatment plan an important basis for life in patients with physical disease but also a detailed description.

Medical Imaging Systems (PACS) medical imaging system on the patient provides the most intuitive image description, these images are also diagnosed and an important basis for development of information programs.

Medical system generated in the process of testing physical examination, laboratory data, and the medical section and the total inspection findings is also one of the elements of information exchange.

Maternal and child health systems for women (especially pregnant women), children's health-care system to produce birth, birth, immunization and physical examination of the health information is the beginning part of the lives and health information.

Community Health Systems community health system include general health information community residents registration records, and chronic disease, disability management.

The system basically includes all the life processes of health record information generated. These systems are being implemented in our country, for the public health system, laid the foundation for the exchange of information.

Exchange Language

These systems form a regular health information data, and only when these data can be generated between the exchange and sharing of time, can become useful information, it is necessary to consider the exchange interface. In general, the public health system needs to exchange interfaces include the following:

User interface, including basic information on the registration of the public unique identity, the public basic information such as registration and public search.

The interface application data submitted to the health system to information exchange as a one-time event, each case must provide basic general information, an event the event Caiyong a global unique identification number Jinxing, Suoyouzheci occurring health events are both sent Zhege number as the basis for action.

Public health system, including information collection and information dissemination interface, which interface through Web services, dissemination, and transfer content used in all XML 鏍煎紡, Ke Yi ensure that all information interactive system of Tiaoyong He Shujujiaohuan.

Health information to the interface to health information created for each event to develop a different directory specification, the health of these directories for different events can be expanded flexibly. To regulate all health XHTML format and XML format using the definition of different health information content can be expanded flexibly.

External data access interface provides data access services, including public health information, the public health profile index of public health information and detailed public health information. These message formats using XHTML and XML format, you can use the browser, etc. to facilitate the view.

Security control

Privacy protection of public health content is the scope of legal protection by the state, so the public health system must provide secure and reliable data transfer mechanism to ensure the security data storage, transmission and viewing. Security includes two aspects:

1. Authentication and Authorization Authentication is the process of identification, which is a layer of security controls.

The application to grant access to the public health information before, it must confirm the identity of the requester. Requester by providing some form of credentials to establish an identity, only the requester of the identity and authentication host know. In some cases, the requester may want to validate the identity of the host authentication, this is called mutual authentication.

Authority is to verify whether an authenticated party has permission to access specific resources the process, it is the authentication of security control layer after, not only because of the authentication host has confirmed the identity of the requester, would necessarily mean that the requester authenticated have the correct permissions to access specific resources.

For example, the public must provide the public card and verify the PIN to verify the identity of the user, but users have access only to view information on the operation of their privileges.

Visitors must be members of the public health information through legitimate authentication and authorization to access specific resources, information, identity and authority to strictly control the resources, and resolutely put an end to the illegal access of public health information.

2. Data security

Data storage security and transport security, including security, data encryption, while the use of encryption algorithms and encryption keys to render the data, neither for the proper algorithm to decrypt the data and no keys were meaningless. Encryption key is an additional variable used in the algorithm. By the key encryption key that contains restrictions contained in the median value. Encryption key to allow multi-use does not endanger a public algorithm and encrypted data with the algorithm.

Public health system is based on the Internet or virtual private network to transmit data, these networks may be unsafe, so use at least 128-bit encryption key way ciphertext transmission. Each data exchange organizations have made in the public health system, a public private key pair, all members of the public health information asymmetry in the transmission have been encrypted before, and then to network transmission, which ensures the transmission of information to public health security.

In short, the electronic medical records system into the public health system, not only do the various medical institutions to share information, and each time the public can form a continuous, full content of the health information record.

Electronic Medical Record Research Committee

In order to study China's electronic medical record standards and international standards, in May 2006, the Ministry of Health Information Center and the Intel Research Council set up an electronic medical record, the agency's goal is to study the processes related to electronic medical records, standards, platforms and other infrastructure issues to jointly promote the development of domestic electronic medical records.


The scope of electronic medical records

1. The patient basic information: name, date of birth and other information, blood type, allergies, family history and other information;

2. Course records: admission diagnosis, medical advice, discharge diagnosis, course information, etc.;

3. Nursing records: three single measurements such as text graphics information;

4. Check the inspection records: the inspection report sheet, computed tomography (CT or CAT) images, magnetic resonance images, DR images, DSA video, X-rays, ultrasound images and photos;

5. Operation record: Before, during and after the recording and video.


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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Deployment on the faltering transition Haier PC refraction

Now look, lineup computer 3C transformation for Haier has become the "Mountain of a Road." Similarly, the Haier Group's development has entered a critical stage, before the fast, efficient growth is far from Haier, slow, incremental growth will be eager to expand the scale of the difficulties faced by Haier.

Enterprises into the transition

Late last year, Haier announced its 2005 revenues expected to be 103.9 billion yuan, representing a net increase of 3 billion yuan in 2004. This means that Haier's overall growth last year was only 0.3%. It is worth mentioning that the overall growth or growth of about 6.4 billion overseas revenue basis. Accordingly, Haier's domestic sales in 2005 actually decreased 3.4 billion. This is the first reduction Haier domestic revenue. In this regard, president of Haier Group Yang Mian Mian's explanation was: "This year our main pursuit of high growth to high growth from the change. In it, we give up a lot of orders were not competitive."

In fact, Haier in home appliances market, the advantages of the project on the development and growth performance in recent years, the industry is experiencing a major deterioration of the environment from the trials and tribulations. On the one hand, the state's macroeconomic control, monetary tightening, and many household appliances business cash flow problems. Kelon bear the brunt of the crisis, there are a large number of enterprises have closed conversions. On the other hand, industry consolidation into the peak of the low barriers to entry, competition and more price grappling blindly down the profits in both the reduced competitiveness. Meanwhile, raw materials rise, home appliance chain channel unilateral hegemony, profit exploited, while market competition of domestic enterprises mainly in the low-end market, profits are falling. Haier washing machine, for example, according to fiscal year reported, although the washing machine sales growth of 19%, but profits of only 22.4 million Hong Kong dollars, down from last year more than 50% over the same period. Although Haier air conditioning achieved profit growth over the same period, but the scale has declined. In the field of home appliances, Haier's high-end road of transition was not always smooth.

At present, Haier Group, all revenue, the proportion of home appliances business is still the most important, accounting for sticking. Therefore, a negative growth of the domestic market, Haier has always relied on traditional means that the main appliance industry is entering from the high growth period of stagnation. It is faded, home appliances business, seeking new markets and new areas has become a necessity.

This problem is not only the existence of a Haier. Many to appliance-based enterprise business segment, are desperate to seize the 3C convergence that straw, trying to break the deadlock appliance plate. But for many businesses, 3C fusion itself or an unknown, specific products and markets where the deposit, there is no standard number. Furthermore, for home appliances business, the greatest shortcomings is that lack of core technology and innovation system loss, and 3C of the key is the integration of technology and interaction, rather than simply a function of superposition. In this regard, the industry has long been controversial, 3C market in the future, the protagonist, or those who started the enterprise IT, such as Lenovo, Intel, Microsoft and so on.

Diversity problem

For domestic enterprises, especially the home appliance business, with its growth and development, and open market competition, in the context of global economic integration, have to face restructuring and upgrading. Or a strong professional to do fine on the road, or to the implementation of large-scale diversification strategy, eventually forming their own core competencies, competition in the market in an invincible position.

In fact, many domestic enterprises are now a soft spot for diversity, and continued implementation of the relevance or non relevance of diversity. Haier refrigerators as the products from the initial, expansion to white business, the final form of the entire household electrical appliances chain improvement and expansion, is relevant, there is control to expansion, brand influence, channel network, human resources can be borrowed. Diversification through this association, the rapid growth of Haier household appliances for domestic carriers. Meanwhile, the non-associated are many examples of diversity. Such as the Oaks Group meter fortune, fame in the air conditioning industry after, then enter the automotive field, less than a year, Oaks paid heed to withdraw out of the car in the field, leaving thousands of vehicles sequelae, diversity unwise.

Similarly, for Haier, the diversity of its expertise has not. In fact, Haier began many years ago diversification strategy and have to enter medicine, health products, food, television, computers, mobile phones, software, logistics and finance more than 10 fields. Appears in Zhang, Haier Empire more than just an appliance, it should include many products and fields. And maintenance of all this, thanks to Zhang devote to build brand strategy.

At present, people still are not familiar with the Haier Pharmaceutical loss, did not find a good way to quickly to profitability. And the "Haier Tai Saozi noodle restaurant" chain restaurant industry, represented by chain stores have mostly closed their doors, expansion has stalled in the northeast region. Haier heavily embattled PC business a few years ago and more there is no single benefit. This, Zhang's view was more optimistic: on the one hand the diversity of Haier is still in the exploration stage to try and now the difficulties and problems for future expansion of accumulated experience and lessons learned, on the other hand Haier there are sufficient time and energy Some projects attempt to diversify.

In fact, the massive lineup for Haier computer market, many people are not good. First, the threshold of high technology industries, Haier little voice; second channel of highly specialized computer, Haier channels this diversity can be achieved breakthrough remains to be tested effectively. But in my opinion, these are not the key factor. In fact, despite Dell, HP, Apple and other international giants, and Lenovo, Founder and other domestic strong strength squeeze, but Hale did not take the road of homogenization of the creation of computer shops is a short cut differentiation, beneficial to the future Breakthrough. Meanwhile, Haier household appliances and rich set of model product line, should be able to support the development of his current franchise stores.

At present, the core of the problem is not the Hellfire power PC can be successful, but Haier choose this 3C transformation and integration correct? Ability to support its vast organizational structure of the desired sales and profit margins? Which is Also how long?

These problems not only in torture with Haier, the same was also tortured with household electrical appliance enterprises in China.

3C integration of the global warming trend is continued, Haier also hold herself back any.

Since last June, Haier hesitate to return to the domestic PC market, has been frequency is surprise. Haier chose a Dell, Lenovo and other major PC makers very different marketing model: store sales, and more than 100 a month the speed shop in the country conquering a city, hopes Haier strong brand and robust appliance network, achieved In the large computer market reversal. Haier Notebook Business Unit (China) Sales Director Li Jian said that in May 2005 to 12 months, Haier PC sales growth every month more than 50%.

While under construction in Kunshan area of 3,300 acres of Haier PC production base, but also makes the road look Haier's PC is brilliant.

In fact, in recent years, Haier has been circulating within a statement: Zhang's dream is to become the world's Haier to build a typical case within the 3C. In 2005, Zhang has been the author himself in the media "reflection Haier" Haier has said from the entrepreneurial spirit, work style to take the initiative to change the overall strategy, Haier is entering the "global brand strategy stage," This is the "famous brand strategy, diversification strategy, international strategy "after the fourth stage of development.

But it seems that this phase compared to the first three stages, the degree of difficulty seems much bigger now.

To find a breakthrough in PC

End of last year, Li built the first computer to the media open up new sales model Haier. He said sales of Haier will focus on the computer next to the terminal fully decentralized, besides the Gome and Suning 3C chain stores such co-operation, will increase with the IT direct marketing, distribution channels, business chain binding cooperation, including Hengchang, United States Cheng and other national, regional IT channel for direct sales business chain, including both its own stores, also has its own independent chain of outlets throughout the distribution chain of channels. This sales model Haier computer appliance enterprises with current implementation of the "diversity" channel thinking exactly the same, that is, select the different channels in different markets, not one-sided love a flower.

To Hengchang, for example, Li Jian said some stores on the performance of the joint venture, risk sharing, Hengchang open stores nationwide, the organization of specialized sales team of Haier products, Haier will be the basis of the standard mold, to provide set Hengchang system models. Cooperation, the Haier's sales have been in second place Hengchang increase rapidly.

Previously, Haier has been the focus of the computer channel Gome, Suning and other home appliances stores, sales accounted for nearly 60% of the total, when many companies think that Haier can not be achieved to IT changes. However, this situation is about to change, Haier's high-level computer also revealed that "Next wish Haier IT channel sales increased gradually to 70%, the transfer channel focus is obviously this takes time."

Meanwhile, in 34 markets, Haier computer and home appliance sales channels a certain degree of integration. Currently 34 other brands to enter the market subject to distribution and after-sales service network construction, still at the discussion stage. Haier household appliances in the country through its 2,000 stores and 200,000 county-level rural agency locations, and a mature distribution channel, has launched rural special computer and the corresponding promotion strategy. Undoubtedly, Haier seems large enough, not yet fully developed 34 townships market, is becoming a home on the comer of strategic importance. Haier household appliances with the maturity of the network, in 34 markets still sell computers. This confidence comes from both the Hale strong influence of their brand, but also from its bullish on the general trend of 3C integration.

Of course, the marketing model of the adjustments in the computer market, Haier manoeuvering an action. In addition, Haier is also accelerated from the production base and the expansion of industrial capital, Haier Group and Taiwan's Pou Chen to build cooperation in the Kunshan area of 3,300 acres of PC production base in Kunshan has been formed with the IT industry base facilities, manpower, cost, and many other advantages, to achieve limited Competitiveness.

As Zhang's most promising one, group vice president, Zhou Yunjie is an important appointment, the main control computer, mobile phone and other cutting-edge 3C of the project. Its core mission is to computer as a breakthrough, and build Haier Group's global marketing platform. To ensure that the computer can Haier in China, the two major international platform for the overall development.

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